Showing your Husky can be great fun and a wonderful hobby. BUT you have to be able to understand not every judge will love your dog. At the end of the day, you know you ar  taking the best dog home. You may have a great win at one dog show, and at the next get no placing.

For your dog to be shown it needs to meet the breed standard and be KC or AKC registered.

If your dog is not registered dont worry, there are fun dog shows called companion shows you can go to with your Husky.



Want to show your Husky?

If you want to show your Husky you need to take some lessons on dog showing. Ringcraft classes are the best way for you and your dog to learn how to show.

Puppies can be shown from 6 months in the UK, and 3 months in the USA.

There are some excellent websites on showing your dog.