Types Of Huskies

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Siberian Husky Body differences


Standard/working type

This type can be considered moderate all over. It has moderate bone and medium length of leg. The back is neither too short nor too long. The chest is well developped with the deepest point of the chest level with the elbows.

The head is elegant and neither wide, nor narrow in skull, with medium length of muzzle. Eyes are almond shaped giving a keen and friendly expression.

This type fits the standard closest. Being neither heavy boned and short-legged nor extremely light-boned and long legged.

Too short / heavy
Too short / heavy


In general, specimens of this type are heavy boned, short backed, thick chested and short legged, i.e. a short upperam and almost no pastern. The deepest point of the chest is below the elbows, hindering freedom of movement in harness.
Angulation is insufficient in both front and rear.

The head is little elegant with a relatively wide skull and short, broad muzzle.
The eyes are often round.

This type does not fit the standard. Being heavy and coarse, it gives the impression of a freight dog.

Sprint racing Type
Sprint racing Type

Sprint-racing type

In general, specimens of the sprint-type are light-boned, long in back, excessively long legged & straight shouldered with poor front assembly. The elbows are placed far below the ribcage. The pasterns are excessively long.

The head is either snipy with long muzzle or flat and broad with little to no stop; often missing the pleasing head Siberians are known for.
The coat is often very short.

Being too light and fragile, the sprint-racing type does not fit the standard.